Friday, April 18, 2008

New York Juice

I'm finishing up a trip to New York City and I have to say that the city is an inspiring place. Seeing all the people out and about on the streets creates an energy that you can feel. It charges me up with ideas and gets my gears moving. I've been in a non-writing, non blogging funk for quite a while now and I hope that the visit will give me a creative burst.

For me the most astounding thing about being in Manhattan is the fact that they have everything here. Almsot anything you could possibly good or service that you can think of that exists is available. Any type of cuisine is at most a short subway or cab ride away. The sheer number of options for how to spend your time is probably what makes New Yorkers run about like headless chickens. Stylish headless chickens. New York may be the only city where on the same block you can get a gourmet a French roast cup of Kenyan coffee, a sumptuous Italian meal, and a happy-ending Swedish massage from a Vietnamese woman who speaks Spanish. Mei-Ling is a talented woman.

I need to get cracking on some more writing so I can reclaim my status as a struggling writer instead of just being somebody struggling to write.

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Enny said...

Oh man - NY is one of the five places I'd love to see in my lifetime!!

One of The Hun's friends is moving to Michigan, so we might have excuse to come OS and visit so I can make my dream come true :o)