Friday, May 25, 2007

Some Red Flags Are Bigger Than Others

Sorry to leave both of my readers hanging by a thread there with that cliffhanger of an encounter. I've been terribly busy with my new hobby that I like to call "not-blogging."

It seems that my instincts to duck and cover were pretty much right on the money. The attractive young woman who very forwardly approached me was not the refreshing sorbet of interaction I was hoping for. The woman turned out to be better under bar lighting (admittedly, who isn't). I met up with her for coffee during the day and we were having a very nice conversation until she brought up the guy who had a crack problem that was living with her until just a few days ago. What's bigger than a red flag? I suppose that was waving an giant, pulsating, neon-green flag that is more easily visible from outer space than the great wall of China if it were on fire. She was perfectly nice but whatever the opposite of chemistry is, we had that. I had taken my dogs Ass Breath and Freckle Dick with me and they seemed to have a good time.

I think I'd be better off only dating chicks on meth. At least they're "perky." Or maybe advertising for a live-in crack addict is the better way to go. I suppose they all have their pros and cons. Perhaps lil quirks like that are something to be overlooked?


Chai said...

Well, I dont know about the other reader, but I dont mind.
Nice strategy, to bring the dogs with you. A never fail escape pod. Or is it more a kinky thing?

kranki said...

All escape pods should be kinky. It could be a long trip and you get bored with regular pod-sex pretty fast.

She mentined that she liked dogs so I thought I'd just bring them. But now that you mention it dogs are always a good buffer. I hate dating in this town. I was off to a fun start but now I'm just baffled that it's such a process.

kranki said...

Oh and I like your Tron avatar thingie.