Saturday, May 05, 2007

Message from Colonel Fuzzy

I'm part of a dive bar collective. It's basically a group that goes to check out a different run-down bar in the city every two weeks. We look for the kinds of places that have both character and characters. This last Thursday it was a divey karaoke bar and the one year anniversary of the group.

Below is an actual, factual message that one of the members in attendance sent to us.

Hey guys, Great night last night despite waking up in a prison cell. Does anybody have any idea what happened to my phone and car keys? I can see from my arrest record that I didn't have either when the nice taxi driver dumped me at the cop shop.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... karaoke is the devil's henchman and will lead you down a path of ruin.


Omar Cruz said...

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Chai said...

Agreed (re karaoke).

kranki said...

Thanks Omar, I strive to make sure my blogs are "good written."

Yes, chai, we should form some antil karaoke militia. Why would I want to hear songs that I probably don't like in the first place sung by people who sing them poorly?

MelbourneGirl said...

but don't you think the karaoke scene in lost in translation is just too sweet, and doesn't it make you want to sing karaoke and have people gaze at you like that?

You've Got What I Need... said...

yes, but that's the point of karaoke-- to hear songs you don't really like sung poorly.


and that in no way is outing me as a karaoke hound. i simply have sympathy for those who are...

"It's going to take a lot to drag me awayyyy... frooommm youuuu...."


kranki said...

It's fine in my book if I know the people singing the songs, so private karaoke is totally fine. The goons who I don't know don't matter.

kranki said...

Actually Melbourne Girl it really just makes me want to bite the back of Scarlet Johansen's neck while... um... being close to her and "tickling" each other without using our hands.