Sunday, May 22, 2011


Slutwalk Toronto 043 by JiBs.
Slutwalk Toronto 043, a photo by JiBs. on Flickr.

You know. I'm not sure I totally get the Slutwalk thing. I realize they're standing up for a woman's right to express herself and wear what they want and not have it be sexualized and make the idea of being a woman who has and enjoys lots of sex a positive thing. I'm for that, but something about it still just doesn't make sense to me. If slut is going to be a positive term don't we still need a word for people who go beyond the bounds of healthy and will literally have sex with anybody? It's hard to remove the idea from outfits that seek to enhance one's sexuality from sexual desire. Nobody is contending that a woman dressing provocatively is an invitation so what exactly are the women marching to draw attention to?

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