Saturday, May 07, 2011

Jury Duty Day 2

It was an interminably long, long time spent watching Ball & Hymen and the defense lawyer voire dire the jury and I had a good story ready that would have biased me and had me dismissed me right off the case.  I never got called into "the box" as they call it, so I never had to use it.  I wish I'd been called right away.  It would have saved me from having to be there the entire time. 

They finally found a jury and I'm not on it.  Thank goodness for that.  Some of the people who are on the jury were rambling idiots and I'd have killed one of them by forcing my sneaker down their throat.  Then I'd be right back in court on trial for murder.

I twittered like a mother fucker during the entire proceeding which is not permitted.  It helped to keep me sane by having conversations with fellow twits.


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