Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Jury Duty Day 1

I was told "Do not to blog, twitter, face update or tweet about this by the judge.  Myspace is probably okay since nobody reads those anymore, anyway.  It's probably a good place to store secret information.  

So, I went in for Jury Duty.  They sent me the little warning thing in the mail and I figured, what the hell, I believe in the Justice System kinda. It's better than most and a few million people died in part so it could exist so the least I could do was be on a jury.  Plus I could use a short break from Monkey Wrangling.  So I biked down to the courthouse.  It feels very unofficial to ride a bike to court.  I even carried my bike helmet into the courtroom because I didn't want some asshole to steal it or the lights on it.  Yes, I'm a dork with lights on my helmet.  I'll be a living dork so fuck yourself in your facehole if you can't deal.  Sorry, I seem to be a bit self-conscious of my bike helmet fashion mis-statement.

Where was I?  Okay, I go in and wait in the stew room for a while.  They finally send us up to the courtroom and they start to pick random names to sit in the 18 seats from which they voire dire the prospective jurors.  We find out it's going to be a long 3 week case but a rather interesting one.  The plaintiff is a male who is suing his supervisor who is female.  He alleges that she sexually harassed him and that it caused him to suffer emotional grief and stress and he wants to be compensated.  It amused me that the two lawyers for the plaintiff have the last names of Ball and Hymen.  Ball and Hymen contend that their client was sexually harassed.  Or maybe I'm just an adult with the mentality of a 7 year old. 

I go back tomorrow.  I don't think I'll be picked but the lawyers may toss out a few people and I'll get stuck as an alternate or something lousy.  It's interesting but not 3 weeks of my life interesting.  My students might learn something while I'm gone.  I almost wanted to be called so that when they asked me for my background information and family info I could say to the court that I had 20 kids all ages 6 and 7 and each from a different mother.  If they do select me I'm sure I can say something to warrant getting tossed off the jury.  I actually think that it would be really hard to prove sexual harassment from a woman without lots of witnesses.  It's possible, but not likely. 

I'll ramble more tomorrow.

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