Thursday, August 26, 2010

Supper Club: Bernal Sound Bites

Snippets of conversation from the dinner as best as I can remember them.

"I have a story about (type of wine) A fortune teller told me that she knew two things about me. That I would like (type of wine) and that one day I would visit a prostitute."

"At our Burning Man theme camp there are giant coffins and crosses and we have a fake Russian Roulette Gun and when the person is killed we lower them into the coffin and say some nice words about them."

"Dawg, this peach, heirloom tomato, cucumber and basil salad is fuckin' tight as a dolphin puss."

"It's easier to hook up on the first meeting if you're a girl. I invited her over to my house to play Scrabble. We never ended up playing Scrabble but we both got triple word scores!"

"I can make people more gay just by hanging around them. You could be my project."

"Exposure to you is enough to make me want cock?"

"We should do a theme Supper Club where we all make dishes that we don't like and see if others do."

"I want to do a Supper Club where we do something like sushi and we have to feed each other and you're not allowed to touch the food you eat yourself."

"You have a wiggle in your walk. Every time I see you leave a room it makes me think of the movie Secretary."

"You guys are going Burning Man shopping together? I'm not even being sarcastic when I say that's adorable."

"Yeah, we can be a bit incestuous, but that's the way it's always been."


pulley-whipped said...
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pulley-whipped said...

sauvignon blanc!

ps: someone besides me talks about dolphin vaginas?

kranki said...

Ah yes, Sauvignon blanc.

Yup, I will sometimes drop a dolph vag reference to impress the hipsters.