Thursday, August 26, 2010

Solo Travel

It's a bit intimidating, daunting, maybe even frightening. That probably means you should do it.

Travel by yourself!

Whenever possible it's good to push yourself to travel alone. You've heard it before but it's true you'll be 750% more open to meeting new people that way. You won't be so instantly judgmental about those you meet and you can take some time to make an informed opinion about them. Plus they're more likely to take an interest in one person because they don't feel they are interrupting anything. You'll learn how to get around on your own. It's not an alien world. Somebody probably speaks your language and if they don't you'll draw a picture or mime what you need or you'll be forced to pick up some of the language. It's empowering.

Stop and see friends, travel with cool people you meet along the way (for a few days at most) but don't ever let it be anything other that your experience. You can go where you want, visit who you want, do whatever your heart desires that day. If you solo travel you'll never loose your patience with the person you're traveling with unless you're prone to occasional self-krankiness as I am or some of your multiple personalities get into a snit. I never argued with myself about when or where or what to eat. Can I stop for a third cappuccino and skip lunch and eat gelatto then just sit and people watch and not go the museum because I suddenly changed my mind? Can I wander and look at the strange new foods in the grocery store just because? Yep. Can I spend a solid hour taking photos of weird graffitti to get the light just the way I want it? Yep. Is it okay to walk out of my way to talk to that cute Danish girl in the blue sundress waiting for the train on the other side of the platform going in the opposite direction that I just came from and pretend to be lost to strike up a conversation? Yep. As an unknown, wise and sassy, black woman with a waggly finger once said, 'I DO what I want!'


elaine said...

I couldn't agree more. There's always someone to talk to if you want company and you suffer none of the constraints of doing shit you don't want to do, leaving places you love before you're ready to move on, spending a whole day wandering around some old fallen down shit when most people stay an hour. Travelling solo is being free.

These days I feel more confronted by the idea of travelling with someone.

kranki said...

What's your longest solo travel excursion thus far? Where'd ya go?

elaine said...

my longest is prolly my first - India for 5 weeks.

I've also been to vietnam, iran and morocco.

next up, either turkey or central america. or somewhere completely random because it takes my fancy.