Saturday, August 28, 2010

Musically Burned

It stands to reason that a cool bar with a nice atmosphere should have good music. The Make Out Room is a great place to have a drink. The prices are reasonable, the bartenders are fast, and there's a good-looking and diverse crowd. What would compliment that better than some horrible shitty music? It's not just one bad DJ or even on type of music that I don't like. They manage to find the worst Salsa, World Music, Funk, Hip hop and disco that one could possibly conceive of. It's actually impressive that there are so many bad songs. It has systematically offended most of my friends with it's audio poison. The fact that I keep going despite the fact that I get burned should, at this point, qualify as community service. Even if all the proceeds go to the Headless Orphans on Fire Foundation (HOOFF) I'm still not going there again. I need what's left of my soul.


gun street girl said...

shame, it has such a cool name.

kranki said...

It's got good comedy and other events and it's cliche but fun to make out there as well.