Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back in SF

The trip is over and Berlin and NYC are starting to fade into memories. I do have 2135 pictures which have kept me quite busy, deleting, uploading, selecting, color correcting and transferring them to my laptop.

Being back feels like a bit of a let down. While it's wonderful to see my bed and my dogs and some of my friends again there is a bit of an emotional dip that comes when any grand undertaking comes to an end.

I'm looking forward to grabbing a beer with my buddy tonight and bringing my dogs out to the bar where they are treated like canine royalty.

For the moment I'm off to test out a potential new bike to replace my brand new and stolen steed that was lost before I left for my summer excursion. City bus travel is not sexy. Necessary at times, but not sexy. I did get to overhear a strange conversation snippet. A girthy fifty-something mustached black dude was talking to the forty-something black female bus driver. It sounded like a very dirty conversation at first.

He: "I am telling you, you are miss-missing out!"

She: "I ain't missing out on anything."

He: "I could show you the way. It would be a fingerlickin' good time."

She: "It just ain't up my alley?"

He: "Girl, I bet you ain't had anything good up yo alley like what I could give you."

She: "Why you givin' me such a hard time just because I'm a vegetarian?"

He: "It just ain't right."

Ah, bus conversations. If I was going to ride them more I could do an entire blog about them.


bossa said...

Probably my favourite bus conversation was overheard on the 11th of September.. two guys were sitting in front of me and the conversation went on something like this:

Dude A: "Hey, I heard people talking about the WTC thing.. you know, in America, the terrorists and all. I wonder why? I mean, it happened on 9/11 - that's like the 9th of November, right?"

Dude B: "No, dude, I think the Americans mark the date the other way around.. so it's like the 11th of September.. you know."

Needless to say I almost wet myself. I'd say they were about 10 years too old to have such a discussion.

Hope you enjoyed your trip!

kranki said...

I think it's actually pretty indicative of how unfazed many foreigners were by the 9/11 events.

In Spain where I was they just kept partying. The news did a montage of the towers being struck and collapsing to the tune of "New York Minute."

I had a great trip, thanks for asking. I have pics on flickr if you're interested.

bossa said...

well, I wouldn't mind taking a peek - where can I find them? :) (nueve@stereo88.com is my e-mail in case you don't want to put the link here)