Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Silly Friendster

Oh, Friendster, your sad ploys to bring me back to you are about as transparent as a wet pair of sheer panties in the bright summer sun. It's time for you to go quietly into the night where you can find a dark cave to curl up, get into the virtual fetal position and fade away.

I see at the bottom of this page that Friendster hopes to reclaim it's market share by offering Friendster in the language of Tagalog. That should catapult them to social networking supremacy.

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Friendster now in Tagalog!
Invite friends and family that know Tagalog to join you on Friendster.


Anonymous said...


Hey you, I want to send you a permission to my blog (ive made it private, for various reasons). What is your e-mail address? Or you can e-mail me at and Ill reply with an invite.

Ciao x

You've Got What I Need... said...

There is no greater beauty than Sir Mix-A-Lot translated into Tagalog.

Friendster is sly like a fox-- an old, silver fox.

kranki said...

You my dear ARE a young silver fox. I imagine the hounds are chasing you deep into the woods these days?

How is your squirrel patch? That sounds dirty.