Sunday, February 08, 2009

I think I'm getting younger

Yes, I think I'm getting younger. While my body is still affected by gravity and my hair isn't coming in thicker and I still have to shave every day and my energy level isn't the same as it once was I still feel that I am getting younger. Here are some reasons that lead me to think this way.

1) I enjoy playing with toys and just yesterday bough a monkey in a leather jacket. I know it's hard to believe that I didn't already own one.

2) I gave a "light show" to the birthday boy at the last party I attended.

3) I was involved in a blindfolded kissing experiment a few weeks ago. Please note I was the only male in attendance.

4) Five years ago I was settled down, married and looking at buying a house. Now I am single, live in a shared apartment, and enjoy buying cool t-shirts.

5) I struggle to clean my room.

6) I wear a tie about once a year on average.

7) I recently bought a remote control car. I have a very difficult time going to the Drug Store without going to see what is in the games and toys isle.

8) Sparkly and shiny things draw my attention. I am forever bringing things home that I find on the street. My housemates are starting to find this habit is no longer charming.

9) I have a bug collection. (it's to teach the students, but still...)

10) I like dressing up more now as an "adult" than I did when I was a boy.

Maybe spending every weekday with five and six-year-old kids is having an affect on me.


You've Got What I Need... said...

I saw that Brad Pitt movie, too. Just start busting clocks and it'll all turn out alright.

Victoria said...

hahahahaha. aww monkeys in leather jackets = awesome