Monday, October 01, 2007

Say NO way to crochet!

Brother give up the needle. It's no way to live righteous!

Proof that crocheting is an addiction.

Just say NO to crochet!

Please do your part as a concerned citizen to help spread the word. Show your friends the dark side of crochet before it's too late.


Shane Lyons said...

He's a nanna-pimp and one of his hos made it for him.

I used to read a hippie magazine called "Grass Roots" that was all about getting back to nature, living off the land, adobe building, and so on. It lost me when the handicraft page published instructions for crocheting a hat out of plastic bread bags.

Sherriff said...

Someone told him crochet was hot, but unfortunately he didn't realise they were pulling the wool over his eyes.

kranki said...

Shane: You're a nanna-pimp. You should knit a bread bag raincoat. That would be tight, yo.


You're a knit-wit. I love you with all of my available heart. When are you coming to visit bizzle nizatch?

Sherriff said...

Ooh a question! I'm waiting to hear the date of the once in a lifetime ridiculous gig I may be playing which will be about the same time. Oh, and people keep taking my money away. But I make more so that's ok.

It will be soon. And you will know soon. And I am love you much.