Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rejected Halloween Costumes

I ended up passing on some Halloween Costumes. I didn't think I'd have a party to go to, then I got invited to one and I have no time to get a costume. All I have are art supplies at school. I'll either find something simple and creative or have to go with nothing. Lame.

Here are some costumes you won't see me in.

Yellow doesn't go with my skin tone.

Sure this one would be hawt, but I'd bee too cold.

I don't have the person to do the body paint.

This one is just too disturbing.

In fact, it makes me want to....


Happy Halloween y'all.


Quirkie said...

The giraffe is hysterical. Larfing.

And i really, really wish i hadn't seen the other one. Shudder.

What must his Mum think?

Sherriff said...

That baby one made wee come. Although, as a twist, I'm thinking you could dress your head as a vibrator.

Is that wrong to say? Hey, it's me. What did you expect.

Molly said...

GAAH! My poor virgin eyes!!!

*tries to wash eyes out with soap*

*just gets soap in eyes causing unbearable pain*

*learns the lesson about taking things too far*

*shudders again for the hell of it*

Lula Mae said...

What did you google to find that fourth one? Boy oh boy.

That gave me an acid flashback.

kranki said...

I found that in a special place where I get all my good images. It's like a visual black market for show and tell.