Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Funny Blood - Follow Up

This was in my email today. It made me smile and I thought I'd share as a follow up since some of you expressed some interest.



thanks for writing to me.

your e-mail was very interesting.

i was in la when i received it.

i was on the phone with my mom (lillian) and i told her about it. then she put her mom / my yia
yia (dina) on the phone.

we spoke about it for a while.

the next time i talked to my mom she said that yia yia talked about it for the rest of the day.

i don't know that much about my family tree.

it's nice to know more.

tell everyone i said hi.

hope life is good.



Joe said...

This is it! Your ticket to fame!

Don't forget me.

Sherriff said...

I think it's good to write in short sentences.

I like that.

Enny said...

Aren't we the best kind of people for suggesting you do go through :o)

ladyb said...


Sara said...

What's the Greek word for homies?