Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kids As Entertainment

I'm starting work on Monday. It's a Summer teaching job. There are lots of fiend trips planned so it should be a fun experience.

In that spirit, I thought I'd post some humorous kid pics from the vast Khronicles archive.

Yes, he does taste just like bacon. Sadly, the pig is thinking the same thing. If he was midly hungry that hog would eat the kid bones and all.

I like it. It would be fun to have 20 kids all with hand prints on their head. Perhaps I have the theme for my class summer photo.

She must have told a very funny German Shephard joke. Damn, those are some big teeth. It makes me think of Little Red Riding Hood. Perhaps they're rehearsing a scene from it.

If you have any funny kids with animals pictures please send them my way.


mindlessmunkey said...

I'm just wondering whether "fiend trip" is a typo, or some dramatic new kind of school activity I haven't heard of.

Enny said...

*thinking same as mindlessmunkey*

kranki said...

Darlings, so nice to see your smiling avatars.

A fiend trip is when you give a little kid a half tab of acid in their chocolate milk, close their eyes, and drop them off at a burned down building and tell them that it's their house but God burned it down because they were bad. Yeah, typo.