Thursday, June 07, 2007

God Bless God

Why does the media insist on calling intelligent design an 'alternative' to the theory of evolution? That's like saying pancakes are a good alternative to an internal combustion engine.


Chai said...

Other intelligent designs.

Sherriff said...

There was one of these near my house recently that I'm kicking myself for not writing down.

But it went a little something like this:

God watches while Jesus is in you and watches you while you are in Jesus.

ummm...I'm closing the blinds.

kranki said...

Chai: Zoroastrianism, the Religion of Ancient Persia was my favorite because it involves eating babies.

Sherriff: You have developed a very personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That's hotter than the time you finger banged Santa. I have pictures of that by the way. Put the video it on you tube.

Chai said...

Yeah, that is my fav too. Apparently, there are still people of that religion, according to my Iranian colleague.