Sunday, June 17, 2007


When I was 6 years old I had an imaginary friend named Chipper. One day Chipper decided it would be fun to draw on the walls of the upstairs hallway. My aunt asked me why I'd drawn on the walls and I explained that it was all Chipper's idea. I was apparently so insistent about it being Chipper's doing that she didn't want to burst my imagination so I didn't get in trouble.

I wish Chipper was still around but unfortunately he's serving time in prison on a man-slaughter charge. You think you know an imaginary friend, and then they go and do something like that.


Sherriff said...

Oh, cool & sweet, it must've been Chipper who scrawled - You're Mysterious - on the bedroom wall of my old house.

kranki said...

Nah he's not getting credit for that one.

"I'm Mysterious"

I thought for sure you'd be pissed. Then again in my state of mind at the time I also thought that twat from Brisbane was going to stab me.

Chai said...


Sherriff said...

Hey yeah, it was I'm Mysterious. The other thing was when I moved out, my room was covered in feathers from the time I sort of almost burned the whole building down by snoozing with the lamp on and it burned my doona wide open. So the landlord would have inherited a room full of duck down with I'm Mysterious on the wall...he's probably still putting the pieces together.

kranki said...

I can almost hear him muttering. "Those fuckin' honkey emo degenerates."

Chai: Weirdo? Yes, it's true. The secret is now as exposed as Sherriff's cock at that cheerleader try-out.

Sherriff said...

Don't encourage me. I just had a meeting with Come Camp and White Wine and I'm wearing a wig at work and Mr winky is getting restless.

What ever happened to Kranki-Chat?

kranki said...

Kranki Chat? You mean the thing with the IM at the bottom of my screen when you click on the coffee cup? Nobody showed up, so I sad fuck em and took my toys home.

If you can find interested people that would be fun to do.