Saturday, March 24, 2007

At least one of these is a picture of me wearing no clothes

Well, it's nice to know that my impending nudity can elicit a response. The telegram from Sherriff was very demanding. Some of the positions and props he requested were just ludicrous. Here are the naked images that my publisher approved for posting.

The one of me at age 3 splashing about in the kiddie pool with my krankiwang showing didn't make the cut. I'm saving it for the cover of my autobiography.* I wonder if they can prosecute somebody on kiddie porn charges if the pictures are of the person being charged. Hmm... I should probably go to sleep now if those are the types of thoughts that are going to pop into my head.

*Tentatively titled "One day you'll be big and everybody will want to play with you"


Fluffy said...

axolotl! axolotls will be what I call penii from now on.


meva said...

Aaah! Axolotyls! We had an axolotyl and my daughter named him Rover. He looked just like your picture.

Are you as cute as Rover, Kranki?

kranki said...

Rover can eat my cute dust!

BEVIS said...

When did you take up the violin?

kranki said...

I play it as more of a fiddle, actually. It's always been a passion of mine.

Bevis made me smile.