Wednesday, January 24, 2007

World Don't Need No Education...

World falling behind on 2015 education goal

By David Alexander
- Access to education increased dramatically over the past century but 323 million children worldwide are still not in school and efforts to achieve universal primary education by 2015 are likely to fail, a new study said on Wednesday.

I grabbed this one before The Onion could get hold of it.

Let's look at what effect the world falling behind in education might have.

1) The World is called into the Universe's office for a stern talking to.

2) The World's grandmother will only give it a 5 trillion-dollar bill instead of a 10 trillion-dollar bill on it's birthday.

3) Unrealistic goal set by humans is not met by humans. Idea to end world hunger by turning the oceans into Jello is reconsidered.

4) When you travel you will continue to meet stupid people wherever you go.

5) Lottery ticket sales will continue to stay strong.

6) Monkeys still have an outside shot at reclaiming control of the earth.

7) The Holy father takes away the World's X-Box privileges exclaiming, "Get your axis on straight and priorities in order you little slacker planet. My galaxy, my rules."

8) All the good jobs will go to the better educated kids from Venus and Mercury.

So, what is the real danger here? I understand that the goal is to have education available as a human right to all children but when you have a dozen wars raging at any given time on this greasy, blue-green ball of wax how can you expect that to happen? Why is it in our interests to educate other countries so that they can take even more of our jobs? Would it cost much for the wealthier countries to provide this opportunity? No. It would just be a tiny fraction of their economy. Wouldn't clean drinking water for all be more of a priority? Even if many of these poor countries did receive the funds to educate all their citizens they wouldn't spend the money on education. Even I would rather have a brand new AK-47 assault rifle than a stack of text books*. You can't make people share your goals and priorities. It's an absurd notion. If I put a stack of bricks in my yard I wouldn't be surprised if I came out the next day and the ants hadn't built them into a small pyramid.

* Although it would be fun to have both so you could shoot the textbooks.

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