Friday, January 12, 2007



Hey Fluffy, it's me Kranki. I'm calling to wish you a happy birthday

That's so sweet of you to call. Thank you. How are you, love?

I'm doing well luscious lady. What's going down, down under?

I'm just endulging myself with a lazy day. All I did today after I got home from a double shift was repaint the kitchen, clean the house and rebuilt my laptop. Oh then one of the cats was feeling ill so transplanted a kidney from one to the other while teaching little Z-man conversational Spanish. Now I'm relaxing in the spa. I really should get someting accomplished today but it's my birtday, right?

Absolutely, you deserve it. Give little Z-man a hug from me and know that I'm thinking about you my sudsy friend.

Hey, my blogger suddenly won't post anymore pictures so I can't end this with the joke I wanted to. Well, it was me putting Z-man from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls on to talk to Fluffy. He'd say,"Fluffy, you're birthday is happening and it freaks me out!" Then there was a picture of Fluffy flashing her boobs and saying something funny. Sigh... blogger tech problems.


xoxoxo Kranki


fluffy said...


Best post EVER. I DID have an indulgent day! I ate breakfast with Jess, shopped (for FASHION), drank wine in the sun and ate a 6 course banquet at Flower Drum. So not quite the kidney transplant and conversational spanish, thank goodness. I hope you've had a similarly lovely time of it, as long as the sun's hanging around in our section of the horoscope.

Love xxx Fluff

BEVIS said...

I can't WAIT to see what you post on MY birthday! ...

BEVIS said...

(19th August, if you're wondering.)

And by 'post', I meant on your blog, not in the mail.

Enny said...


27th March