Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Jesus

Shhhsssh the little dude is sleeping. Sweet him, he's got a huge little noggin'. I'd better get him the adult size ear muffs.

She what he's doing there in the picture? That's exactly how I intend to spend my Christmas day. Then when I wake up, instead of turning water into wine I'll be turning wine into urine, eating lots of chocolate and watching the entire Season 2 of The Office. It's my own lil Christmas miracle.

This year the only gifts I bought were for my dogs and my mom. I think I did a better job wrapping the present for the dogs but I'm sure mom will still enjoy the liver-flavor jerky.

Enjoy your gifts or stocking full of coal or whatever you can find. I recommend that you find a human who will let you touch their soft parts. Bust out some of the good hooch and smoke 'em if you got 'em. I pray none of you see any creepy Sith lords in your dreams.

Honestly, this dude is a scary-looking mother fucker. He's like a hung over Uncle Fester. I've heard of having bags under your eyes but his are so deep and dark that a large family of bats could live in there. He reminds me of the villains from Scooby Doo. "Like, zoiks Scoob, I think the Vatican is haunted!"
"Rut roh! Run Raggy, run!"


Audrey said...

Tehe. I liked this very much.

I'm going to go smoke the hooch with the devil now.

Death to everyone.

Enny said...

Hope you had a good one!

meva said...

Honestly, if aliens came down from afar (and I'm not talking scientology) and saw that picture of the Pope, what would they think? Some creepy, evil looking dude with an image of a dead man hanging on a stick? I mean, really! Humans are weird.

I hope enjoyed your quiet Christmas, and have a rowdy, rowdy blast of a NYE.

BEVIS said...

Happy belated festivities to you, sir!