Thursday, December 14, 2006

Friendship or Fetish?

It might have been one of those "You-had-to-be-there" nights but fortunately for me I was there.

I just got home from dinner with one of the dearest friends I've got on this doomed little planet of ours. It was a huge and much needed stress breaker to be my complete, uncensored, stupid self with a friend. It's freeing to behave in an utterly, politically incorrect way and feel unjudged. I forgot how rejuvenating it is to spend time with somebody who always has your back through thick and thin and always finds a way to make you laugh.

He was a bit sleep deprived and was especially loopy-goofy-punchy, which made for a memorable dinner. He even agreed to write a song for me entitled "Me Rawk You Long Time." We spent a few minutes looking at the menu and giggling like idiots over how the menu items at the tai restaurant also sounded like kinky sex acts. Our favorite by a mile had to be the "Beef Waterfall."

Him: "Son, if you're ever in the big city and a man comes up to you and offers you a Beef Waterfall... I want you to run..."

Me: "Run to the nearest moving bus and leap in front of it. Because if that man can get to you that means he can get to me....

Him: "Once them gays get our DNA we're done for."

I'm not sure what the young waitress thought when she overheard that riff. I was laughing too much to even care.

It cheered me up greatly and also made me sad that my friend isn't going to be in the same town as me any longer. Here in L.A. you tend to take people for granted and it's easy to drift apart for large spans of time. It's a rare and wonderful thing to have somebody with whom you can just pick up with right where you left off. Or maybe I just have secret fetish for balding men with sideburns. Don't tell his wife.


meva said...

Hmmmm. Secret fetish. Rearrange the letters and you get RECESS THE FIT!!!

And that's all I'll say on the subject.

Chai said...

Is this like a Brokeback Mountain re-write? Or something?

kranki said...

If it is a Brokeback Mountain rewrite then I'm going to wait for the movie. Who do you think would be the actor they cast to play me?

Chai said...

Tom Cruise?

Anyway, Happy Festivus and hope you have a terrific Solstice and an even better 2007.

U still making that trip, right?