Friday, January 21, 2011

Things Kranki finds Krass

At Seth's birthday party a few years ago, some strange woman who was a guest of a guest, was checking out some guy at the party. She seemed quite shy until she turned to me, Seth and Craig (guys she'd just met) pointed to this guy and loudly announced. "I'd like to have HIS abortion." Three crass dudes were lightly stunned.


Chai said...

It's always the shy quiet ones. I wonder what was her motivation in sharing that with youse. (<-- plural of you).

BEVIS said...

So did she?

Don't leave us hanging, Kranki-Pants!

Ah yes, me again. Sorry to spoil your zen by returning unannounced and throwing italicized words at you like that. Quite uncalled for, I grant you.

Anyway, it's just a fleeting visit, don't worry. I was fondly checking out the blogosphere I used to frequent, and no trip down Memory Lane would be complete without a turn into Kranki Alley and a sojourn up Repressed Passage. So to speak.

Why do I suspect you of deliberately choosing inappropriate-sounding (and yet perfectly innocent) word verification codes for your comments? Maybe because mine right now says 'thymend'.

Do me a favor and live a long and hilarious life. Cheers.

kranki said...

What a sweet blast from the bloggy past. Thanks Bevis!

kranki said...

Chai, I think she thought it was charming and funny humor that guys would appreciate.