Sunday, June 08, 2008

I just wasted a Saturday Night. I can't tell you what I was doing because I'm ashamed that I didn't trust my better judgement and just made other plans for the night. But I fucking god damn well didn't trust my judgement and ended up listening to my Id and my friend Mr. S and ended up spending time with a crazy person who annoys me 85% of the time I'm around them.

I will never get this Saturday Night back ever again. I could write the next great novel of our time but no matter how poignant and evocative that piece of shit international best seller is, I will still never be able to unlive this evening and gain back the time wasted on foolish notions.

You can't change a person into a sane person and you certainly can't trick them into being sane, so if you are around somebody and they are acting crazy and.... now the phone is ringing. It's the crazy person in question. Thanking me for hanging out tonight and trying to convince me to keep trying with them. I think not. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 9 times and I'm a martyr to a pointless cause.


Quirkie said...

But at least crazy people give you something to blog about. Your pain is our mid-week entertainment. You know, in a totally supportive way.

Melba said...

i cut a off from a person like that, right off, like a bandaid.

although she didn't know that she was a sociopath. thought she was normal.

would be harder if they know they are struggling. and make you part of their "healing".

another friend i'm avoiding, knowing that she is an alcoholic, and not wanting to be part of her messed up existence.

harsh, but true. it's a jungle out there.

life is too short. you know it's true.

kranki said...

Quirkie: It does make me feel good that I can turn personal aggravation into smiles for others.

Melba: I'll have to tell you more about this one. Adult ADD. No joke.