Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ear Plugs

I can always tell when the lesbian couple upstairs are about to get conjugal because it's the only time that they run their shower in the evening. Sometimes it's fun to listen to their love-making but most of the time it just keeps me up. I've actually invested in a pair of ear plugs. The side of the box doesn't guarantee that it will protect the wearer from the sounds of Saphic pleasuring but they really do block out nearly all of the noise. I don't hear any of the moans, grunts or fevered whimpers of pleasure. I only hear the creak of the floor when they change positions. I really should send in a letter to the ear plug company telling them how helpful their product has been.


Joe said...

Maybe you can request they make a "position-change creak" proof ear plug!

Also, you are less of a man for wanting to block out the sounds of sweet, sweaty love from the planet LEZBOS.

kranki said...

I would love to see them product test those plugs out.

You and your mean words. I'm not going to send you a digital recording of the greatest hits now.

Joe said...

I take it back. You are manlier than Chuck Norris who just ate Mr. T.