Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dudes at the Park

My day was very trippy. But it wasn't my fault. It was all because of some dudes at the park who, as part of their product promotion, were giving away free samples of their "special cookies." As it turns out these cookies were extremely special. So special in fact that even just half a cookie can have you forgetting how to properly text message and/or stand without falling.

It is a testament to my lack of responsibilities that I can engage in this form of consumer spending. Free 16 hour high. The Dudes at the park are a welcome addition to the small businesses that cater to the laid-back, park-dwelling bohemians.



Joe said...

I think I'm going to move to San Francisco.

kranki said...

Will you be needing to talk to the Dudes at the Park?

Joe said...

I don't need to talk to 'em. I just want the cookie.

Although, if it's good I may ask for the recipe.