Saturday, December 08, 2007

Found on Craig's List

I didn't invent this. It's from Craig's List. As a friend remarked "Is this what dating in Los Angeles has been reduced to?"

My baby mama's beautiful nurse - m4w - 32

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Date: 2007-12-04, 1:18AM PST

My baby mama was giving birth and you walked in as her nurse and I couldn't believe my eyes! You had such a sexy little Southern accent and were very outgoing. I couldn't help but be so turned on by your black beauty. I secretly wished it was you on the bed giving birth to my baby. I ended things with my girl and I'll be waiting for you on the morning of December 5th. I truly believe you are my soulmate and I am not going to let you get away. I think I love you, Mandingo

I think it's going to get a really positive response for Mandingo. What the fuck kind of name or even pseudonym is "MANDINGO?!"

Even IF this sexy southern black beauty were interested in starting an affair with a wandering baby maker who only sticks around long enough to check on his handiwork I think once she reads that he goes by the name Mandigo she'd decide to pass on the enticing offer.


thr said...

being the porn expert that I am, I believe Mandingo is in fact a pron star.

Wikipedia says so


ladyb said...

"I secretly wished it was you on the bed giving birth to my baby"


cattermune said...

Real reason why a) he had to "leave" his babymama and b) he wishes to date a gal who works with babies:
"Mandingo ate my baby!"

sublime-ation said...

This is great.

*commits suicide*