Monday, November 27, 2006

When in doubt, take the dogs back out

I'm visiting with my mom during an extended Thanksgiving visit. This is in part to see her to address my guilt over being a bad son and not calling her for many months, part to eat the amazing food that she cooks, family bonding blah blah, but mostly because I like it up here in San Francisco. Something that I find odd about my mother is her ability to have a completely one track mind.
Here are two such examples.
I'll say "Hey, krankimom, do you mind if I watch football on television?"
"Sure, that's fine...what do you think we should have for dessert tomorrow?"
"Um... whatever... or nothing."
"I can make a cherry cake. It will go well with the turkey soup."
At this point I pretended to be absorbed by the game rather than get into a stupid discussion over how cherry cake and turkey soup "go well" together.

She seems to use my visit as an excuse to make lavish deserts that she can then feel less guilty about eating.

Later the next day
"Mom, what channel is your CNN up here?
"I don't know but we need to go to the market before it closes to get the ingredients for the cherry cake that you asked me to make."
"I never mentioned cherry cake, Mom. You did."
"Well, whoever, I still need the ingredients if you want me to make it."
That's when I announced that the dogs needed to be taken on another walk. Why not, they hadn't been outside in nearly 35 minutes.


meva said...

Sounds like CHOCOLATE AND PEANUT BUTTER nagging to me.

;) x

kranki said...

If you're a good Meva perhaps I'll upgrade to Chocolate and Peanutbutter harrassment.

Chai said...

Sounds like you both have a 1 track mind.