Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Hollywood Holidays from Kramer and The Juice

Golly, it sure has been a fun week here in Hollywoodland.

Zany Michael Richards


Lovable O.J. Simpson

I love watching the Michael Richards clip. There is something very raw and mesmirizing about watching a human being have a nervous breakdown and totally self destruct on stage. It's like watching somebody take leave of their senses and drive off a cliff on purpose.

Doesn't O.J. look happy lately? You would too if you just got paid millions of dollars for a TV show that is never going to air and a book entitled If I Did It Here's How it Would Have Happened. Bill O'Reily (Self Important Duchebag and MSNBC personality) is taking credit for having Fox decide not to air the tasteless attempt at ratings grabbing. The reality is that no advertisers wanted to buy time on the show which is the business decision for why it was scrapped. But the important thing is that O.J. got paid but still has yet to pay any of the 17.7 million dollar judgment that he lost in civil court. I wish the judgment had been that O.J. must rejoin the National Football league so I could watch them knock the living shit out of him every Sunday. I'm currently working on a sure fire hit. It's a wacky Buddy comedy Starring O.J. Simpson and Michael Richards as two LAPD Homicide cops who bond over their love of Necrophilia. Mel Gibson plays their kooky, Jew-hatin' police chief. Hilarity ensues.

I'm just going to sit back and wait for Fox and Rupert Murdoch to call. The O.J. and Kramer casting combo is gonna be the biggest thing since Chocolate met Peanutbutter. I strongly suggest that you start kissing my ass now so I'll invite you to the show's premier party. I've got to go now and pre-count my money. I just need some suggestions for a good name for the show.

xoxo Executive Producer, Krankiboy


meva said...

Chocolate met peanut butter? Who knew? And who wanted to know?

Buck Fudd said...

Don't forget the police chief hates fags as well.

The Black/jewish/psycho-catholic alcoholic frisson would almost write itself. You're definately onto something.

How about CSI Los Feliz? You could have a real-life LAPD forensic investigator on each week as a special guest to do some schtick with OJ.

Bill O'Reily is taking credit for having Fox decide not to air the tasteless attempt at ratings grabbing.

Funny. Over here Rupert Murdoch is getting the credit for personally having it pulled, because he's so sensitive to public taste. Your explanation makes much more sense.

Enny said...

When I first read about that Kramer thing I thought it was a bit of an exageration or whatever - but when I watched it - it was TERRIBLE. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.

kranki said...

That's right. Mel does hate the them Gays.

I'm thinking that the first CSI Los Feliz (because the world desperately needs another CSI) will be an ivestigation of a murder that took place at a Jewish same-sex wedding reception. The interrogation of the Rabbi down at the station is pure television magic.