Monday, October 23, 2006

Somebunny sent me something

About a week ago I got a package from some bookstore that I hadn't ordered. I'm not sure why I didn't open it as I was curious. I probably just set it down on the table in my living room. This table has properties very similar to the Bermuda Triangle and the package disappeared for quite some time. Today about two weeks later I get another package. This one has my address handwritten in pink pen. I opened it up right away and this book was inside.

I hadn't ordered this. Why would I? I wasn't doing any kids book research. I quickly did a hard target search of the Bermuda Rectangular table and found the unopened package from the bookstore. I opened it and found the identical book. This one had a receipt and it said that I had ordered it through eBay. I didn't. Why do I have two copies of It's Not Easy Being a Bunny?

What was especially odd was that at the time I was watching the film What the Bleep do we Know? It was all about Quantum Physics and reality and the perception of reality and how do we process what is real and what is perceived as real. Is what we perceive to be reality actually reality or just observed reality? They talked about how looking into this question will lead you down a "rabbit hole." That's when I went outside and found the Bunny book. Now I'm reading it looking for some deep hidden message of profound importance as if fate has placed this item in my path for a reason. So far all I can get is that P.J. Funnybunny, the story's protagonist, does not like eating cooked carrots for every meal and he does not like having such great big ears. It hasn't mentioned anything about time being a construct of applied perception. Maybe I need to reread the part where P.J. goes to live with the possums.


BEVIS said...

This is gold. GOLD I TELLS YA. I wish I knew your postal address so I could send you random items that would amuse and mystify you. That's what I occasionally do to my friends. I never include a return address, but somehow they always know it was me ...

PS - Not dead yet? That deserves a "YAY!"

You've Got What I Need... said...

To P.J. Funnybunny,

Possums like big ears.

Your Friend Forever,
Nature Planet

p.s Bunnies arn't supposed to eat cooked carrots. The Divine Creator didn't give you horribly large teeth to use them on geriatric cusine. Buck up.


Sherriff said...

He does actually bear a slight resemblance to you, this bunny. But only on a purely metaphysical level. Oh, and you've got big ears. In a sexy way.

Chai said...

Spooky... A friend found a domesticated bunny wandering the streets last week. Her companion took it as friend couldnt keep it on the understanding companion keep the bunny till the owner was found. But companion handed it to the RSPCA and it has 2 more days left before it is 'assessed'. Why do I feel the need to liberate it? And why has the one bunny reference in your post triggered this response?

Mr Magoo said...

Ah, I see you got the gifts I sent you.

Enny said...

Are you STILL reading that book?!