Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blog Shy

Blogging used to be a nice escape and a way to connect with other people and sometimes prompt a laugh or two. A good unique creative outlet. Now everybody and their mother and their mother's cat have their own blogs. More than that however is the fact that I feel that certain people who know me well may be judging me and scrutinizing my blog and I'm not eager to provide them with any glimpse into my life. I'm frankly not interested in my almost ex-wife (for one) to have even a vague idea what is going on in my life. There is a 99.8% chance she and others never look at it but the 0.2% chance she is is enough to put me off the slice of life style blog. I'll have to find a way to express myself while sharing nothing of myself or putting my life into the spotlight. I always liked being able to just write whatever came into my mind but now the internal editor is working overtime and harshing my mellow.


Enny said...

I think I hear a new blog calling....?!

*fingers crossed*

kranki said...

Hey Enny!

How do I keep the people I don't want from finding my new blog? We have many mutual friends.

Enny said...

Email the ppl that comment once you've got a new one... use a new nickname or ask ppl not to add the link to your new one?

Mr Bonez said...

Have you spoken to the wizard about this? Maybe he can keep updating for you while you sort your stuff out. Come on Kranki, we miss you bro.

Chai said...

A dilemma indeed.

Sherriff said...

Who's harshing your mellow?



kranki said...

I will give it some serious mulling Enny. Thanks.

Hey Chai!

A fine idea mr bonez. You really miss me? That warm fuzzy sentiment makes me happy... Bro.

Howdy Sherriff, you're still out there in cyber space. I heard you were gunned down by a chick, shot in the heart and are about to get tied to a hitching post.

Harshing my mellow is a California Surfer Dude term that translates loosely to "causing unnecessary tension or anxiety."

It's my internal editor that is the culprit.

BEVIS said...

Well, I for one will miss you.

I hope that if you DO go with a new blog and a different identity, I'll be one of those you'll email about it. I promise to be discrete.

But if I/we never hear from you again, it's been wild. All the best. Take a well-earned. I love you. Etc.

I just hope this isn't the end.

The end.

You've Got What I Need... said...

Harshing your mellow. Ha. That certainly prompted a laugh or two. Looks like you already know the path, you just have to start sashshaying down it again.

Funniness can be a hugely effective "fuck you" at least 0.2% of the time.

MelbourneGirl said...

i'd also like to say what bevis said. i've missed you, and even though you've slowed down, you're still on my blogroll.

i think it would be tragic if the wizard were never to bless us again with his wisdom. truly.

please take me with you as well if you do die and then get re-born.

i understand your concerns re privacy.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this page?


Anonymous said...

I meant this bit:

Private blogs
Create a blog visible to just your friends and family, not the whole world.

gun street girl said...

I know extactly what you mean; earlier this year I had a psychopathic-spying-lying-psudopsychic crazy girl with whom I used to live skitz out at me and shack up with my underage brother.
I wasn't keen on her reading my blog and discovering things about me, so I filled my blog with shit untill everybody lost interest and began posting again when I felt it was safe.