Monday, November 15, 2010

The Pervster Encounter - Pervert + Dirty Hipster = pervster

I was out on Sunday with three female friends and a couch surfer chick from Prague who is staying with me. After a semi-swanky dinner we were on the way to get some ice cream. A few blocks into the walk a dirty-looking, flannel shirt-wearing, and seemingly drunk guy in his mid to late 20s announced... actually I'm not totally sure what he announced or threatened as he said it quickly and slurred his speech a bit. It was one of a few possible things.

He may have said "Give me a cigarette and I'll show you my dick." OR "Give me a dollar or I'll show you my dick." It's even possible (but not likely) that he said, "I'll give me a dollar if you soybean my dick." I think he was offering the chance to gaze longingly at his member in exchange for a cigarette. A perfectly good barter method if you have something worth offering. He really didn't.

I DO know for sure that he then proceeded to take down his pants, exposing his flacid, meh of a penis. He then turned and displayed his ass and quickly jogged off without a dollar or a cigarette or his dignity.
The women in my group walked right on down the street as if nothing had happened.

Welcome to San Francisco, ladies.

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