Thursday, August 06, 2009

Role Reversal

I went to a party at a neighbor's place earlier this evening and I had the pleasure of having a cool chick use a line on me. The experience was so unfamiliar to me that I didn't even realize it was a line until a few moments later. She put her fingers on my chest and said "I hear you took some cool pictures in Berlin. Maybe tonight you can give me a 'slide show'." It was even accentuated by her lightly rubbing and squeezing my shoulder and giving a coy smile. Oh double meaning. A bit crass but also clever.

I think I'm finally growing up because I declined the offer initially and then politely declined a second time when she followed me as I headed out the door to go home, asked me why I was leaving, and indicated that her room was where she wanted me to be right then.

Okay, so, why did I decline? I declined because she lives directly across the street, and that hasn't worked out so well for me in the past... with the last "girl" that lived in her apartment. If I made the same mistake a second time, with somebody who also clearly is not a long term prospect I think it would be appropriate to blast my brain with electroshock paddles. As a wise character from the feature film DC Cab (starring Mr. T) once said... "Don't let ya dick, run ya life." Sage advice for the ages for men of all ages.

At any rate, I liked the attention I got. It was a good little refreshing ego boost. I wondered briefly what it would be like to be female where you have lines used on you and to be the one who was typically approached. It would probably get old fast in some cases but still feel validating if it was attention from somebody you found attractive, right?

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travelingseth said...

Haha. Though I think you should tell your readers about the lotion and MJ time in her room.