Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to Annoy Your Friends

One good way to bother your friends is to constantly ask their advice about your complicated relationship. The thing about some of your friends is that they won't let your sharing the minute details and obsessing over them bother them right away. If they are good friends they might even be able to put up with hearing the same story about your text message conversation two or three times before they try to abruptly change the conversation or start looking at their cell phone to see if anybody more interesting that you has called them. You need to be persistent. A few of these friends will even check back in and actually call you to hear more about your situation and how you're handling what they might refer to as "your unique and challenging situation." Now it is these friends who do genuinely care about you and your happiness are the toughest ones to irritate. Simply doing repetitive musing and rehashing the tiniest details is not a guaranteed way to bore them. You may have to dig even deeper into your bag of dysfunctional, relationship insecurity. Remember there is no such thing as too much mundane detail. It also helps if you go out of your way to avoid talking about any other topics the entire time you are with your friend so they don't accidentally get something of value back from their interactions with you. Nobody said it was easy. Now get out there and irritate!


Anonymous said...

I haven't used this acronym since my younger years, but my reaction really is:

gun street girl said...

rrrrrr....come back?