Monday, September 22, 2008

Kids and Consequences

Hey, remember me? I used to write stuff here and people would sometimes read it.

I thought I'd try writing a bit and see if it got my juices flowing a bit. I feel a bit like an athlete going back into training. Hopefully it won't be too painful an experience to get back into the swing of things. Ideally it'll be as easy as riding a bike. Perhaps I could even coin the new expression "It's like writing a blog."

So, I'm back to teaching kindergarten this year and I quite like it thus far. Trust me, adults are overrated when it comes to keeping you entertained.

One cute kid moment involved me talking about the rules and consequences. I let them help me set the classroom rules so they feel empowered. It's new age teaching crap.

I gave the kids an example to help make it more clear. "What if Oscar kept forgetting to put the colored pencils away even after he got several reminders? Then the next day he left the materials out again and even broke a point of the pencil on purpose? What would be a good way to help him remember?

Kylie enthusiastically raises her hand.

Me: "Kylie, what do you think should happen?"

Kylie: "You should give Oscar more fish to eat. Fish is brain food! That way he will remember better."

The kids are smarter than me. Send help.


travelingseth said...

Didn't know you were blogging again. Not too much rust....

The kindergartners could be a blog gold mine. I suggest inventing a dark alter ego for contrast though. Kindergarten teacher by day, ecstasy dealing Dike Rider by night.

Anonymous said...

What was your answer for how to better help him remember? I would have gone for something scary and inappropriate, like, "Hold him down and let everyone spit in his face, just once. That way, he'll think twice before he leaves any supplies out." Or you could put that tennis ball in a sock to good use...

kranki said...

Violence is always the answer.