Wednesday, July 02, 2008

For My Consideration

So, I'm considering some things. I thought I'd write them down and be able to look back and see which I actually chose and which ones I didn't fully embrace.

I'm considering...

1) buying a fancy camera so that I can be a mediocre photographer with an excellent camera. It's like giving those thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters word processors so they can work even faster. Eventually I'm bound to take a good snap.

2) giving up on heterosexual women and just being the male version of a fag hag. I'm thinking of calling myself a Dyke Rider. Maybe I can start a trend. I wonder if I'd have to buy new clothes? I'm open to helpful input here.

3) getting around to paying my taxes for 2007.

4) a radical career and life change and move after my next year of teaching. Yep, another one.

5) dropping out of civilization to live off the land. No, wait, that sounds tiring. Much as I'd enjoy not getting any junk mail it would suck to have to teach woodland creatures to be my friends AND have to eat the very same creatures to survive.

6) opium, opium, opium. Light me up!

7) getting up to go pee and then getting a refreshing beverage.


Joe said...

You should read that book "How to Win Woodland Creatures and Influence Critters".

That was lame.

Way to set yourself some goals, though.

gun street girl said...

new clothes are OLD clothes

Anonymous said...

It's not what you've got it's what you do with it - polaroids, box-brownies and megapixel uber DSLRs can all take crap pix too.

You can go on a dyke fuelled, opium induced, shopping spree anywhere/anytime, and really that will only put icing on your cake, not fill the hole in your donut.

Your dot point about a complete change, however, stands out like the proverbial; leaving only one solution to validate your dot points/goals:

Move to Australia.


Sara said...

If you become Dyke Rider you'll need a cool theme song. I can come up with some cool lyrics! :)

kranki said...

Joe, your beastiality tips are always "appreciated."

GSG: Old clothes could be new to me.

Sara: I am hugely excited by having a Dyke Rider theme song. Make it so.

I wonder who you are, anonymous. You seem so wise. Like an owl friend Joe used to date.

gun street girl said...

IF you come to aus I'll try and find you some opium.

kranki said...

Bribes with drugs. How typical and truly appreciated.