Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wock On!

In the same week I had two somewhat similar first person accounts relayed to me. I feel guilty for finding them amusing.

The first was my friend Roz who went out on a date with a Chinese professor who works at her college. They went to see the professor's twin brother play at a small club. The twin is a serious musician. He sings vocals and plays acoustic guitar. He was apparently musically talented but his accent made all the R sounds into W sounds in a very Elmer Fudd fashion. Why he chose of all songs he chose to do Aerosmith's classic Wub in an Elewader and Joan Jet's I Wub Wock and Woll is a mystery. I wish I had been there to provide more details and squirm in embarrassment for him.

Tonight my buddy and I went out for drinks. I needed to de-stress badly so it was a rareish and much needed outing. He had been out at a bar and had the "pleasure" of listening to a very polished karaoke rendition of the song Working 9 to 5. However the singer happened to be mentally retarded and even getting the recap second hand I nearly wet my pants.

I hope the Retarded Chinese Musicians' Guild doesn't track me down. That could spell sewious twuble for me.

Yes, I'm going to Hell when I die but I won't be lonely.

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