Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Last Picture Show

So we're sitting there about to start a DVD up when the television shuts itself off and begins to make a strange, irritating bird-like beeping. Then a bit of pungent, gross, plasticy smoke puffed out of the side. Fearing that there might be some sort of explosion I quickly unplugged it.

Dude, my TV blew up. I was annoyed but that feeling quickly turned into a genuine sadness.

It took a few moments of just sitting there soaking in the moment. I am not a huge TV addict but I think I had some shock I needed to work through. It didn't just feel like some appliance had broken. There was a certain sadness beyond the inconvenience and expense. Teevee was gone. He was dead and he had cried out in pain. He was only about 7 years old. He should have had a long healthy life ahead of him but that's not going to happen now. All I have left are the quality moments that Teevee and I shared. So many good football and basketball playoff games and goofy infomercials. I will always remember the time that my dogs hopped of the couch and growled at you while you were showing me that nature program about hyenas. I am sorry that I threw that grape at you when the Election Results showed that Bush, and not Al Gore had won Florida back in 2000. That wasn't your fault and I should not have taken my frustration out on you. I am both comforted and disconcerted by the fact that the last thing TV played for me was the film Happy Endings. It was a good movie. You were a good television. I'll miss you.

Teevee is survived by his long time-companion the Sony combination VHS and DVD player.


davethescot said...

Are you hugging the teevee?

elaine said...

*pauses to give a moment's silence*

BEVIS said...

I think it's a wonderful, bittersweet fact that the last thing your TV screened for you was a film called Happy Endings.

I think I'm going to write a folk song about this.